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Отель Ramee Palace Hotel 4*, Манама, Бахрейн


Отель предлагает следующие места отдыха и развлечений: открытый бассейн, сауна, русская баня и фитнес-центр.

Кратко о Ramee Palace Hotel

Сервисы и инфраструктура

  • Автостоянка
  • Ресторан
  • Бар
  • Сауна
  • Фитнес-центр
  • Прачечная
  • Интернет-кафе
  • Сейф
  • Обмен валюты
  • Открытый бассейн
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Оценка отеля Ramee Palace Hotel

Средняя оценка 2.7
  • 3 рейтинг
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Отзывы о Ramee Palace Hotel

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  • Отзыв об отеле Ramee Palace Hotel
    • 4 рейтинг
    , 19 декабря 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) The kindness of staff. (-) It looks like the fruit basket was kept a long ago... :)
  • Отзыв об отеле Ramee Palace Hotel
    • 2 рейтинг
    , 3 декабря 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) Basic and functional (-) Guest policy created unsatisfactory confrontation with staff
  • Отзыв об отеле Ramee Palace Hotel
    • 2 рейтинг
    , 23 октября 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) The bedroom is clean and tidy, bed is very comfortable. This is the only good thing about this hotel. Other than this, the toilet and everywhere else in the suite are just like a 2-3 stars ranked grade hotel but charging 4 stars rate! (-) The surrounding area is under serious development, no sidewalk, no landscape, no nothing. Need to walk on unpaved dusty road for 10 mins to reach some basic community plaza.
  • Отзыв об отеле Ramee Palace Hotel
    • 2 рейтинг
    , 30 сентября 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) I was first attacted by the price (-) I did not like the lack the noise and hustle and bustle at the night club down-stairs. I also did not like the fact that a prostitute came from the service elevator knocked on my kids room at 3:00 AM. The fact that neighbor's living rooms were abutting your living room was a source of sleep deprivation.
  • Отзыв об отеле Ramee Palace Hotel
    • 3 рейтинг
    , 27 сентября 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) The location is very conviniant and central to shopping, dinning and is in a very hip area of Bahrain. The staff were very helpful and accomodating. recommended for Families. The room service menu is good and service prompt (-) The appartment was not properly equipped, there were no utensils to be used in the Pantry and had to be requested, it is best that they update this area as when traveling with a family it is important. The Noise of the band was disturbing at times being on the 4th...
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