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Отель Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure 3*, Уєстпорт, Ирландия

This family-run hotel is located in the centre of Westport and is one of the largest leisure hotels in the West of Ireland.

There are classically designed rooms, a choice of restaurants and a popular local bar with live music every night. Enjoy the oasis of calm at our C Club Leisure Centre.

Spa Sula is now open.

Кратко о Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure

Сервисы и инфраструктура

  • Автостоянка
  • Ресторан
  • Обслуживание номеров
  • Бар
  • Сауна
  • Фитнес-центр
  • Гольф
  • Номера для некурящих
  • Няня
  • Услуги для инвалидов
  • Интернет-кафе
  • Лифт
  • SPA-центр
  • Вайфай
  • Крытый бассейн
  • Курение запрещено
  • Места для курения
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Оценка отеля Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure

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Отзывы о Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure

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  • Отзыв об отеле Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure
    • 4 рейтинг
    , 16 марта 2010 г. 0:00.
    (+) friendly staff in a clean hotel. great location with free parking! (-) we where on the 3rd floor which meant having to get 2 different lifts to our floor and trekking across the hotel to get between them. very inconvenient!
  • Отзыв об отеле Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure
    • 4 рейтинг
    , 15 марта 2010 г. 0:00.
    (+) Competitive rate, good standard of cleanliness, food was good with a nice range for breakfast. The facilities are very good in this hotel, including wi-fi, swimming pool, bar and restaurants. Rooms are small but clean. Some beautiful art work displayed on the walls in keeping with the theme of natural beauty of the West of Ireland. (-) Swimming pool doesn't open until 8.00am some mornings, which is a pity.
  • Отзыв об отеле Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure
    • 4 рейтинг
    , 18 февраля 2010 г. 0:00.
    (+) deluxe room was lovely. Friendly and helpful staff, very well organised. Relaxed atmosphere. Very central. Food quite expensive but nice all the same. lots of beautiful art to look at. Very satisfied. (-) the leisure centre was a bit crammed with kids but i suppose it was no big deal. sauna/changing room a bit small but that's about it. overall grand spot!
  • Отзыв об отеле Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure
    • 4 рейтинг
    , 27 января 2010 г. 0:00.
    (+) uncluttered control of simple things like silence and clealiness .simple food slightly overpriced wine excessively overcharged at 21euro . I grow wine in France and receive 20cents per litre at your rate the litre is 28euro Now i realise that theft and superprofit are not differentiated in the irish hotel`s treatment of wine pricing (-) given the economic situation I was pleased with the room pricing and the exceptional quality and fear for the ...
  • Отзыв об отеле Castlecourt Hotel, Spa & Leisure
    • 5 рейтинг
    , 18 ноября 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) I found the staff to be a 100% especially the breakfast morning staff. I would like to say a big thank you to the bouncer in the night club with the grey beared who was also in the hotel that night. I found him to very curiosity when dealing with people and a pure gentleman. (-) Yes, i didnt have a long enough there lol.....
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