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Отель The Villas 5*, Петалинг Джайа, Малайзия

Perched atop undulating slopes and nestled amidst lush greenery, this is an enchanting haven of luxury villas immersed in a synthesis of soothing sounds and aromatic air.

A brief stay at any one of these villas will undoubtedly leave you gloriously relaxed and rejuvenated. Wake up to the sound of cascading water from your private plunge pool.

Your choice of villa boasts a collection of modern Asian-style furniture, lavish four-poster beds and a lounge area with a private balcony. Outside, you shall have a private outdoor rain shower, a deep sunken bath and your very own solid teak swing in the garden.

In this privileged location, you will have access to a vast range of spa and therapeutic treatments, as well as an exclusive butler service. For the perfect evening, we recommend you consult our movie and music menu and, to accompany, our wine and cigar list.

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Оценка отеля The Villas

Средняя оценка 4.8
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  • Отзыв об отеле The Villas
    • 5 рейтинг
    , 28 января 2010 г. 0:00.
    (+) The Villas is one of best hotels that I stayed in during my trip, 1) it combines luxury, privacy with a perfect location in the theme park, 2) also I was surprised when I asked the manager about how many years since it was opened and the answer 17 years because they have excellent maintenance service, 3) management respected the privacy of the villas by separating the check in & the breakfast for the guests staying in the villas than the rest of the resort, 4) they are exceptional by...
  • Отзыв об отеле The Villas
    • 4 рейтинг
    , 3 ноября 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) The privacy, the services and the great staff. its really make you feel like home (-) The amount of deposit in local currency in advance the hotel is asking for. really make no sense.
  • Отзыв об отеле The Villas
    • 5 рейтинг
    , 15 августа 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) I liked everything there I will never hesitate to go thier again (-) no everything was great
  • Отзыв об отеле The Villas
    • 5 рейтинг
    , 26 июля 2009 г. 0:00.
    (+) wooow that what i can say about the Villas, my honeymoon was a great since the first step on the place, thank you .. the whole place was great (-) the cost was little high
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